Most people tend to focus only on the design aspect of website development. While it might be an important part of the website, it certainly isn’t the most important one. That would actually be SEO. But here is the thing about SEO: instead of choosing the best strategies, people tend to opt for the easily doable, which in turn makes for very ineffective SEO.

To make sure that your SEO is not only effective but efficient as well, you need to make sure that you don’t make these very common mistakes.

1.     Not Reaping Benefits of Great Design Links

If your website is based off a trendy template, then you can avail hundreds of CSS or similar design galleries that can link your site based on having a great design.

Another way you can go about is looking up popular bloggers and reviews of website designs, in particular those who are involved with your industry. You can inquire whether your website can be added to the list.

It won’t make your website popular over night, especially if you are not a graphic designer or a web designer, but it will definitely influence the overall authority of your domain. This move will specially help if your website design is somewhat unique.

2.     Using Badly Written Content

There are basically two ways you can go about getting content. You can either hire a competent article writer or you can rely on content creating software.

But here is the thing about content software: they can’t create anything. At most, they will just re-word the content you submit.

Now you might go and think that re-wording doesn’t really matter as long as have the optimized content, right? Wrong! Most visitors will actually be able to tell the difference and it will leave a very bad impression on them. You might lose their trust and then you will have a very hard time earning it back. Its best to go with expert writers who actually know what they are writing about and can produce original work.

3.     Content Has to be Link Worthy

What is the point of creating absolutely superb content if it isn’t even worthy enough to be linked? You need to focus on how-to videos, infographics and text tutorials that visitors would want to link.

4.     Focusing on Quantity Over Quality When it Comes to Links

Some might argue that focusing on a high volume of links is the way to go, but in reality, you should definitely put higher emphasis on quality.

If the links aren’t relevant to your website/industry or don’t have outgoing links, then they are of no use to you. Just a single link from one adequate blog is worth hundred links from a bad one. So try to keep that in mind next time.

5.     Repeating Anchor Text

Using anchor text for optimization is a very good idea. What is not good however, is repeating the same anchor text for every single link. Visitors don’t really appreciate that. In fact, they kind of feel cheated.

Best way to avoid that is by mixing things up and by using variations of phrases, names, etc.

Stick around for Part 2 of this blog for more of most commonly made SEO mistakes.

Good SEO doesn’t happen overnight and if you have heard otherwise then you have probably been lied to. In reality, it takes time and good strategies. But some people might still jump the process and opt for mediocre methods to get the ball rolling.

Using ineffective SEO will severely affect your traffic. To make sure that it doesn’t happen to you, you need to avoid these very commonly made SEO mistakes.

6.     Not Applying Distinctive Title Tags for Meta Descriptions

One of the worst things you can do with your website is to title each and every page with the name of your company or that of the website. You might think that it will help you promote the name of your company or website, but this strategy, more often than not, back fires.

The title of the page is often tweeted or bookmarked. It becomes really confusing for visitors when they can’t differentiate between pages. Each page needs to have a distinctly unique title, but if the name of your company or website is very important to you then you can add the name after the title in this format: ‘Title’ – ‘Name’.

In all this, don’t forget the description though. An effective sales pitch for a page should be limited to 160 characters. The description should contain a unique title and keywords pertaining to that specific page only.

7.     Ignoring Anchor Text for Internal Links

One of the most important components of SEO is tailoring anchor text. One of the worst things people usually do is to not use anchor text for internal links. Your call to action should be pertinent to the context but it must also contain keywords that have been linked.

8.     Avoiding Optimization for Local Search

Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on local search if your business only serves a single city or a particular region?

The easiest way to do that would be to use keywords that are region specific in not only the title of the page, but also in the Meta description. Another way to do that is to add your address, phone number or any other type of contact information in the header or the footer.

9.     Not Choosing the Right Keywords for Optimization

This is actually a very easy mistake to make and is made very commonly. You might accidentally use global keywords even though your services are local, you might use generic keywords instead of unique ones, you might use keywords that will make the visitors think that your services are free instead of purchasable, or you might even end up using words your competitors use.

The best way to avoid that is to avoid generic words all together and focus on very specific words. Generic words might bring you a lot of traffic in the beginning but eventually visitors will see the difference and avoid the site all together.

10.Not Applying Analytics to See What Converts

If you thought that SEO was only about free traffic then think again because it is also about conversion. Most people get stuck on the keywords that send a lot of traffic their way and then don’t understand why when it suddenly stalls.

You will notice that phrases or keywords with lower traffic will actually convert much better because they will at least be more specific. This will also enable you to get first page ranking.