Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another website. It is one of the most used term in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks are very important in Search Engine Optimization because Google considers the quantity and quality  of your backlinks to determine your page rank. Backlinks are not single determining factor but they are major factor to your page rank. There are two types of backlinks.
1. Internal Backlinks
2. External Backlinks
Internal Backlinks: The Links within a site which refers to other pages and posts of same domain are called internal links.

External backinks: Links from other websites which points to your website are called external links. These links may be advertisement links, paid links or widget links.
Some other common terms related to backlinks

Link Juice: When we link a webpage with an article, it passes the link juice. We can also stop this link juice by using nofollow tag. Link juice improve the domain authority and page rank.

DoFollow Links: By default all links are dofollow links and passes the link juice. These links will be calculated in google rankings.

NoFollow Links: The links with nofollow tags are called nofollow links. These links don’t pass the link juice. These links are ignored by google and do not contribute to improve page rank.

Anchor Text: Text that is associated with hyper links are called anchor text.

Low Quality Links: Links which are coming from spam sites, automated sites, porn sites etc are called low quality links. These links will function in negative way in page ranking, so be careful of these types of links.

How To Get Quality Backlinks
After understanding the concept of Backlinks now we discuss few famous methods to generate high quality backlinks for your site or blog.

  • Good Internal Linking System.
  • Comment on DoFollow Blogs And Forums
  • Submit Site to Famous Web Directories.
  • Guest Posting.

Good Internal Linking System
Good internal linking system is very important for your site. Always provide links of your famous and related topics within a article. A visitor can navigate your site easily with internal links. If you have a good internal linking system your bounce rate also decreases because a visitor will spend more time on your site to visit these links.

Comments on DoFollow Blogs and Forums
Commenting in dofollow blogs and forums is free and quick way to get backlinks. Always try to comments in those blogs and forums which has high page rank in google. Before commenting on a article read the article carefully and write comment related to article. Register on forums related to your site and visit them regularly to stay updated to get more effective backlinks. You can find top dofollow blogs and forums from my following articles.

Submit Site To Famous Web Directories
Submit your site to famous web directories to get backlinks quickly. You must avoid directories that ask you to create backlink to your website. If you can afford submissions in paid directories then go for it because they are far batter than  free one. You can know about famous web directories from my following article.

Guest Posting
Write posts for popular blogs related to your niche. You will get quality backlinks and traffic to your blog. Link your social media account with bio author to get more followers and readers. Share article to other sites and your social media pages to generate traffic for this guest post. You can find popular guest posting sites from my following article.

You need backlinks to generate more traffic to your blog. Apply all these methods and look what works best for you. Share your experience about link building via comments.