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If you are a Calgary business looking for a no contract SEO Services provider then call us. Our Calgary SEO Services are guaranteed to work or you can stop paying until they do!

Calgary SEO Client Case

On the two main Google searches for our Calgary client, they rank #20 and then #21 and #22. We can now say that this is a niche Construction company and we are pretty sure that we will have them very close to #10 in the next 30 days. Unfortunately, as per our guarantee, the client will not be billed on the fourth month as we didn’t get him on the first page of Google. It’s better not to rush things so we’ll be patient, get them on the first page of Google and then resume our SEO billing.

The SEO strategy is progressing well. Our Calgary SEO client is now ranked in the top 100 of Google. The website had been in existence for over five years but could not be found on Google. To continue improving SEO, the next tasks are:

Add content to his website. Yes, Creative Phenomenon is an excellent content writer on almost any topic.
Convert existing photo-based content to text.
Build links from relevant business directory listings.
Build on our Social Media Strategy
Did You Know? Creative Phenomenon’s Calgary SEO Services comes with basic social media marketing? We will set up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn business accounts and schedule three months of content and links from your website.

Rank on the Top of Google… But for What?

The concept of Search Engine Optimization is simple. It’s the engineering of a website so it ranks well on search engines for optimal search terms.

How Much Should You Pay For Search Engine Optimization?

This can depend on a few things such as:

how many search terms you want to rank for
how competitive those terms are: “Calgary Homes For Sale” will take more work than, “Calgary Organic Food Store”
the current situation of your website. Some websites are disaster zones while others need some tweaking with more of the work coming from “off-site SEO.”
On average SEO will cost somewhere between $200 and $300. You shouldn’t have to sign a contract.

Our SEO Guarantee

If we don’t get you on the first page of Google within the first three months then we will stop billing you until we get you there! That’s our promise to you.

Calgary Search Engine Optimization Company Creative Phenomenon SEO is driven to earn lifelong loyal clients. We achieve Results. Page 1, Top 3. Call us . Creative Phenomenon is Calgary SEO company that both works harder and works smarter. All search engine optimization processes are done in house. We have a Canadian copy writer that creates all our content for our clients. Otherwise, all your SEO strategies and link building is done in-house by me personally.

SEO has simply gotten too complex and too risky to outsource link building anymore. If a company quotes you a very low monthly fee you should ask yourself how they can do all this work for so little? Creative Phenomenon is by no means the cheapest company to hire but you can rest assured that your site will be managed by forward thinking SEO professionals, and not just outsourced. Search engine optimization is both art and science. As a professional SEO I use creativity and empirical research to determine best practices and achieve extraordinary results . Fully custom SEO projects sets Creative Phenomenon SEO apart from most competitors.